Hello, World

by Hilary B. Bisenieks

In the beginning, of course, there was nothing, or not a whole lot, anyway.  Much later, after the groundwork had been laid, after the rise and fall of different architectures and protocols, there were the Interpreters.  Nobody knew who the programmer was, though many claimed they did.  Some said he (for there aren’t any female programmers, they argued) was alone, while others said it was a group effort.  Likewise, there was no consensus over the language.  How could there be?  It remains a contentious, sectarian subject, to say the least.

Some said that all was laid out long ago, before the Compiling, and all the ills we see today are merely runtime errors.  Some argue for a more dynamic approach.

Whatever the case, across hundreds of languages and thousands of traditions, it begins the same:





“Hello, World.”