Flash in the Pan is an attempt to keep the creative juices flowing.  It’s a way to stay on track even when the day-to-day distracts.

This is a project to combat the problem of not writing enough.  Ideally, a writer writes every day, but in the real world, this is not always the case, especially when that writer does not live only on his or her art.  Some days, it’s hard enough to get everything that’s required of you done, let alone everything you personally need to do.  A writer needs to write.  It’s how they see the world.  It’s how they think.  A writer who does not write goes crazier than the writer who indulges his or her muse every day (and there is no doubt that every writer is at least a little crazy).

Flash in the Pan is art, ideally every day, hopefully at least once a week.  It is prose, verse, sketches, musings, comics, essays, character and scene sketches, flash fiction, world-building, short stories, anything and everything that runs through our minds.  The intent of this project is not necessarily to produce beautiful, finished works, but rather to serve as an outlet for all those creative sparks that flit daily through our minds.  Some of the things that appear here may become more fully-realized pieces, while others will be flashes in the pan, just as the title says.

And that’s okay.